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Date: Thu 31 Oct 1996 - 11:32:58 EET

Oliver Bernuetz:

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>I'm confused about something. Is there a difference between the era before
>the instance when the Great Compromise was forged and the period after the

In terms of linearity, I say no (the Malkioni, Dara Happans and Kralori
all have year counts that go back to before the Great Compromise). In
terms of a closer relationship with the Otherworld, yes (in that it was
much easier to observe and work with magic then). The key differences
didn't occur as the result of the Great Compromise (which was merely a
modus vivendi IMO). The key changes occured as a result of the abuses
of the world caused by the Gods War. But this is all IMO.

David Weihe:

>The Brithini wouldn't have noticed [the dawn] if Zzabur hadn't brought
>it to their attention - they had been measuring local duration by the
>Turning of the Glass for some "time" before that, probably all the way
>back to the Sunset (Death of Yelm, to Orlanthi) (Ice Age, to them, I
>believe?), barring enough duration to assemble it.

The Brithini would have noticed the dawn IMO - Zzabur was merely showing
off. What good would he be, if he couldn't forewarn the Talars about the
Sun rising? It's interesting to note that the number of elapsed turnings
of the Red Sands of Time (14k+) is of the same magnitude as the number of
years that passed between the first sunset and the dawn in the Plentonian
Year Count (11k+) indicating that Plentonius was not merely making numbers
up for his decimal fantasy of a year count.

- --Peter Metcalfe


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