Re: Time, a small correction

From: Loren Miller (
Date: Thu 31 Oct 1996 - 15:57:42 EET

> From a document of unknown provenance found in a hidden cellar in
> old Pavis.

Apparently the translator made a small error. Where the translation
read "wakboth" substitute "kajabor", for it is the god killer who
became the god binder, not the great hatred who became the god
binder. The erroneous sentence should read:

> After glorantha was transformed into the spider, she spun her web
> out of the remains of the devil kajabor, threw it around the many
> worlds to protect us all from chaos, and the living were confined
> to one world, the mundane world where animals live, and the dead
> were confined to the other world, the sacred world where the gods
> live.

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