Chitin Armor

Date: Thu 31 Oct 1996 - 18:57:27 EET

This just in.. Those rumors of humanoid insects in uz controlled areas are
NOT a crossbreeding experiment between uz and their insects. According to our
sources, the uz have regained skills and magics lost to them in the past, to
use the harder of their insects carapaces for armor! The armor is lighter and
of course a renewable source (which can not only be eaten, but fight for them
as well) makes the potential for more heavily armored raiding parties likey!
The person responsible is said to the someone the uz refer to as the
Darkwitch aka Nickodemous Grey, a shaman of unknown origin. Apparently this
being heroquested for the secrets for the Gorakiki Beetle cult as his taboos
prevented him from wearing any armor made of either metal or animal product,
the Darkwitch supposedly freed the imprisoned spirit of the only remaining
shaman to have this knowledge, who is now incarnated in the body of a huge
beetle. Only the Gorakiki-Beetle cult of the Stinking Forest have access to
this knowledge at this time.

New Skill:
Craft Chitin
Knowledge (00%)
The removal, curing, shaping and repair of chitin. To make armor, the crafter
needs to also have the armoring skill at an equal or better value. The
material is only about 60-70% of the metal equivalient in ENC.

Unless treated weekly, armor of more than 2 AP is brittle unless enchanted
and if exceeded by twice its AP in damage it will crack and lose 1d3 AP in
the area hit. Specials with blunt weapons will do the same. Criticals with
blunt weapons will shatter the area hit, other weapons will also reduce the
AP by 1d3 in the area hit. The materials to treat the chitin are easy to
obtain, and take little time to use, but treatment must be done by someone of
at least 30% in Craft Chitin.

New Spirit Magic:
Soften/Work Chitin
touch, temporal, active (craft chitin can be used at the same time)
This spirit magic spell will make 1 SIZ point of chitin per point of spell
be softer and able to be worked (The entire piece does NOT have to be
affected). This will work (for heal or harm) on living insects, and will
halve the AP in the area touched if it exceeds the areas HP.

New Rune Magic:
Enchant Chitin
1 Point
ritual Enchantment
This will enchant 10 SIZ points of chitin per point of POW put into the
ritual. It hardens the chitin (+1AP) as well as removing all brittleness
problems described in the Craft Chitin skill. Chitin enchanted can no longer
be shaped, but will be able to be completely repaired by a healing spell
(unless it is from an insect, it will be half strength as usual) even from
things such as acid*, as long as part of the armor remains. The enchanted
chitin requires that a craftmen of at least 60% worked on it.

*though points from that kind of damage will only come back at about 1 point
a day.


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