Fall of the Machine City

From: James Walter Frusetta (gerakkag@wam.umd.edu)
Date: Thu 31 Oct 1996 - 23:57:01 EET

I'm struggling at attempting to find information on the Machine City &
Zistor; there's references in the RQIII Glorantha box (sorry, never can
remember it's proper name), King of Sartar and TrollPak. (If there's
more than this, I've failed my research skill and should be beaten
soundly about the head and shoulders).

Who participatted in the overthrow of Zistor's mortal minions? On the
Mythic plane, it seems clear enough (Orlanth the Interventionist and his
minions). But for the mortals in the battle, all I've seen are brief
references to Trollish armies (TrollPak), Elves (TrollPak) and Shadowland
women (KoS). Dwarves seem a logical addition as well (considering that
Zistor infringed on the copyright for Mostal). Any thoughts on whether or
not Orlanthi barbarians and Yelmists were participating in the fray?

Or Waertagi?

Any comments or suggestions on the siege would be welcome, natch! :)

James Frusetta gerakkag@wam.umd.edu
Department of History University of Maryland, College Park


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