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Sacred Time Greetings
>Speaking of the Dragon Raising Dance, does anyone have any info about who
>this Olaront Dragonfriend gut is? Very little is said about him in KoS;
is there
>anything about him in any other published sources?

None, to my knowledge. As I believe I said in a previous Digest, I
believe that he is Farang Farosh, who is mentioned in Elder Secrets and,
long ago, in an issue of Wyrms Footnotes (reprinted in Wyrms Footprints,
luckily). This latter (actually, earlier) listing is just a passing

My only evidence for this association is in his immense knowledge of
dragons and other EWF phenomenon, and in his being called Son of Ingolf
at one point. Not even good circumstantial evidence, I admit, but I am
known for making connections on such flimsy (though emotionally logical)
indicants (gr?).

>so any personal info about the Grape Sage would be welcome also (I have
>described him as Sean Connery in "The Rock", before the trim).
I once became convinced that Minaryth Blue of King of Sartar was actually
Minaryth Purple in disguise. Greg refused to believe me -- the following
excerpt is from the Heroes of the King Prospectus:

"Please note that we consider "Events of My Life" (pages 211-213) to be
the most factual and truthful chronology. It is first-hand, brief, and
personal. As an aside, Minaryth Blue is NOT Minaryth Purple in disguise,
as some (including the editor) have surmised. Minaryth Purple was a
powerful Lhankor Mhy scholar deeply involved in the Sartarite revolution
for most of his two lives. Minaryth Blue was, as his chronology shows, a
hard-working farmer until 1625, when he was robber of his livelihood by
the Lunars. [I'm still not convinced, Greg! ed.]"

I don't believe this any more. Probably.

>wish a special blessing on Loren and all our List Managers of Yore, and
>wishing luck to Shannon in taking up the torch.
I heartily second these special wishes.

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