Gloranthan Civilisations

From: danny bourne (
Date: Sun 29 Dec 1996 - 23:05:23 EET

>Something I've wanted to play for several years is a Civilization -
>Master of Magic

I don't know Master of Magic, but I do play Civ. We had a bash at it, it's
easy enough to convert Civ to a Gloranthan board, but people want all the
magical stuff in as well, and that's far more tricky to do - I've written
some board wargame rules and the magic was the only difficult part in it.
If anyone's interested I'll e-mail them the rules outline as it is so far
(no CRTs or things like that yet, still making sure the system runs okay).
The thing I wanted to do was Gloranthan Diplomacy, but I was stuck on the
scale to do it at - there's also not enough readily available water to give
most people 2/1 armies/fleets - although I recently got Colonial Diplomacy
and am PBMing Machiavelli, so I may turn to them for ideas.
If anyone's interested or tried the same e-mail me.


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