antelopes, independance and south peloria

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Date: Wed 01 Jan 1997 - 02:59:01 EET

Dave Black:

>Can someone clarify for me what Sable Riders are actually riding? My
>dictionary says that sable is the fur of a small arctic rodent. Clearly
>this is not what fierce nomadic types would ride...

They ride a species of Antelope called the Sable Antelope (Hippotragus
Niger). This is a real world species and is sometimes known as the
Blackbuck (although the name more properly belongs to an asian species).

Michael Cule:

>Can't think of any [Orlanthi] quests that might reinforce independence

Go up to the top of Stormwalk Mountain. Wait for Orlanth to give
you a sign to show you the way down the Mountain. Lose patience.
Climb down safely.

Stephen P Martin:

Me>>Bliss in Ignorance IMO. The Bactrian (two humped) Camel lives in
>>colder climes than the dromedary and is found in Central Asia, Tibet
>>and Mongolia. The gloranthan analogue is Bliss in Ignorance which is
>>known for being pretty strange.

>I can just see the trolls there riding their camels, with the trollkin
>running along behind carrying their goods...NOT!

You are thinking of Koromandol. Bliss in Ignorance has a large human
population and lies to the South. Even in the days when the trolls
ruled Bliss in Ignorance, they had little to do with camels IMO.

>>TERARIR: Technically part of the Sylilan Sultanate, this is the
>> river valley surrounding the city of Jillaro. In ancient
>>times, the city was known as Nivorah....

>Aaaaah!!! No, no, no! Even discounting that I don't believe Nivorah ever
>actually existed at all, I am certain that Jillaro is NOT the same city.
>Some Dara Happans might claim that the older Jillaro ruins (mentioned in
>some source I can't recall) are Jillaro, the current city is only
>centuries old.

A little poetic license ne'er harms, 'tis like claiming that
Ancient Ilium lies beneath Hissarlik.

>>VANCH: It's not very hot on the Yelmalio
>>religion as we know that there is no Sun Dome Temple in Vanch or
>>near the Hills of Gold.

>How do we know this -- what source? The only source I know of, the cult
>write-up itself, claims a number of temples throughout the Provinces.

The same source, Cults of Prax:

        III.C Center of Power, Holy Places

        The cult considers the Hill of Gold, near the town of Bikhy
        in Vanch, to be especially sacred for it was there that their
        god was [blah blah blah]. This is a place of pilgrimage and
        HeroQuest, although no temple exists here.

- --Peter Metcalfe


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