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> From: "Dave Black" <>
> Date: 30 Dec 1996 18:11:23 -0500
> Can someone clarify for me what Sable Riders are actually riding? My =
> dictionary says that sable is the fur of a small arctic rodent. Clearly =
> this is not what fierce nomadic types would ride...
> Perhaps they are like yaks or musk ox which both, if I understand =
> correctly, have fur that could be used for clothing. Musk ox would be the =
> right colour - black...
> Thanks,
> - - Dave

The Sable Riders ride Sable Antelopes. The earth version (Hippotragu
niger, for the taxomonically inclined) is found in southern Africa. It stands
about 54 inches (13.5 hands, which is on the small side of a horse). The
males are shining black, the females reddish brown to black, and both
genders have long sickle shaped horns. The Praxian version is probably a
bit bigger.

Complements of the Encyclopędia Britannica.

Marc Willner


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