New Temple of the Reaching Moon

From: Saravan Peacock (
Date: Wed 01 Jan 1997 - 09:53:29 EET

With all this discussion of the rituals to consecrate (and destroy) the new
Temple of the Reaching Moon in Sartar, I thought I'd ask where exactly
everyone thinks it is. My problem is as follows:

In Dragon Pass (boardgame) the first scenario suggests that it was the
razing of the the Old Wind Temple which awakened the dragon upon which the
foundations of the old Wind Temple had apparently been laid. This resulted
in the destruction of half the Lunar army. So an early source suggests
(indirectly) that the New TotRM was on the site of the Old Wind Temple.

In KoS, the map of Sartar and Tarsh on p129 has two seperate locations. The
"Proposed Lunar Temple" is virtually in the Sambari Pass, ten to twenty
miles north of the "Old Temple" which is on the east side of the Storm
Mountains. It seems natural to equate these with the new TotRM and the Old
Wind Temple respectively.

Aside from this, it seems that Tatius the Bright had "determined the most
magical place to build many years earlier, and in 1622 he dedicated the
ground and work began." This would tend to read against the equation with
the Old Wind Temple but only very weakly.

I was thinking on a related tack, that if Old Wind was in (or on the edge
of) the Dundealos lands, and Tatius had indeed determined this to be the
best site "many years earlier", perhaps he deliberately provoked the
Dundealos revolt and its ensuing massacre to remove any threat to his
project from the nearby people. This could work with a more northerly
location for the temple as well (the Dundealos lands may be large), or the
Firebull revolt (a clan of the Sambari tribe) may have been sparked off in
similar circumstances.

So does anyone have any ideas about where the new TotRM is located? Which
tribal territory it is on (if any)? And what do the locals think?




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