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Date: Wed 01 Jan 1997 - 23:16:20 EET

Peter Metcalfe <>
antelopes, independance and south peloria
Stephen>>I can just see the trolls there riding their camels, with the
>>running along behind carrying their goods...NOT!
>You are thinking of Koromandol. Bliss in Ignorance has a large human
>population and lies to the South. Even in the days when the trolls
>ruled Bliss in Ignorance, they had little to do with camels IMO.
See the "NOT!" at the end -- that was a joke!

>>>TERARIR: Technically part of the Sylilan Sultanate, this is the
>>> river valley surrounding the city of Jillaro. In ancient
>>>times, the city was known as Nivorah....
>A little poetic license ne'er harms, 'tis like claiming that Ancient
Ilium lies >beneath Hissarlik.
Actually, when discussing things on the Digest, we are normally
discussing what we believe is either The Truth or A Truth. Poetic license
IS a problem, I think, unless it is labelled as such. Otherwise, it

becomes sort of like an inside joke -- you'll get it, and maybe someone
else will, but most of us won't. I guess my "NOT" may fall into that
category as well, since it is a culturalism some readers may not be
familiar with.

>>>VANCH: It's not very hot on the Yelmalio
>>>religion as we know that there is no Sun Dome Temple in Vanch or
>>>near the Hills of Gold.
> The cult considers the Hill of Gold, near the town of Bikhy
> in Vanch, to be especially sacred for it was there that their
> god was [blah blah blah]. This is a place of pilgrimage and
> HeroQuest, although no temple exists here.
This tells me that there is no Yelmalio Temple AT the HIll of Gold. I
don't necessarily read into it that there is none in Vanch itself. Bikhy
is not the only town in Vanch, is it?


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