Orlanthi independence

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Date: Thu 02 Jan 1997 - 02:12:09 EET

> From: Peter Maranci <pmaranci@sunspot.tiac.net>
> Subject: Orlanthi Spiritual Journey
> A deeply devout Orlanthi Initiate who is likely to qualify for
> Wind Lord status within two or three years (and who is already qualified
> to become a priest or acolyte) has suddenly realized that he is
> seriously lacking in a key Orlanthi virtue: independence. He's a paragon
> of faith and bravery, but in every situation his instinct is to pray and
> ask his priest for guidance.
Praying sounds to me like something he should be doing: he isn't expected
to be independant of Orlanth. Most times he won't get a useful answer
anyway, so then he has to make his own mind up. (Unless he uses
Divination to decide what to have for breakfast??)

Asking his priest for guidance is another matter. I'd suggest you look
very carefully at the relationships between O. Adventurous and O.
Thunderous, which in some parts of the world are almost separate cults.
If he as O.A. is asking advice of an O.T. priest all the time, there's
something wrong.

Asking advice in general sounds like quite a good move. Form what I
remember of the myths, Orlanth usually did ask advice of his Ring before
embarking on a course of action. Perhaps your PC needs a circle of
companions rather than always going to a priest? The myth you really need
is the one where Orlanth takes over from Umath as leader of the Storm
tribe, but as far as I know it's never been written up. The nearest we
get is a quick mention on KoS62 that Umath handed over to his sons. Write
it yourself?
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