the Broken Council

From: Andrew Joelson (
Date: Thu 02 Jan 1997 - 16:01:41 EET

Glorantha Con IV Update

        Our friends on the west coast who are putting on the Broken
Council are concerned that there will not be enough people signed up for
this event to make running it practical. Eveidantly, this LARP is too
intricately balanced to run well with less than forty entrants.
        At present, we do not have that many people signed up. In order
to re-assure the BC people that this event can be successfully run, I
would appreaciate everyone who is planning on playing in this LARP to
post a note to me saying so. Even if you have already sent in your
registration, as it might not have reached me yet.
        Please respond ASAP, to :

        Thank you,
                Andrew Joelson
                Chairman, GC IV

(note: at least some of the bounces from my account have been determined
to be typos in my address, please be carefull)


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