Bikhy Sun Dome Temple

From: Joerg Baumgartner (
Date: Thu 02 Jan 1997 - 18:59:00 EET

Peter Metcalfe
>>>VANCH: It's not very hot on the Yelmalio
>>>religion as we know that there is no Sun Dome Temple in Vanch or
>>>near the Hills of Gold.

>>How do we know this -- what source? The only source I know of, the cult
>>write-up itself, claims a number of temples throughout the Provinces.

>The same source, Cults of Prax:

> III.C Center of Power, Holy Places
> The cult considers the Hill of Gold, near the town of Bikhy
> in Vanch, to be especially sacred for it was there that their
> god was [blah blah blah]. This is a place of pilgrimage and
> HeroQuest, although no temple exists here.

As I read this, there is no Sun Dome Temple at the Hill of Gold. Nothing is
said about Bikhy, and even less about no temple existing in Vanch. If you
want to spread 15 Sun Dome Temples, counting the two in Prax and northern
Volsaxi Valley, and one (yet unplaced) in Lunar Tarsh, where do you want to
put the 12 others, and avoid Vanch?

And no, I don't consider the temples in Elkoi and Dykene to be Sun Dome
Temples any more than the one in the city of Pavis. They are temples to

Bikhy is bound to have a city temple to Yelmalio, but needn't have the
mercenary templar attachment which makes that a Sun Dome Temple.


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