soggy sables

From: Carlson, Pam (
Date: Thu 02 Jan 1997 - 22:09:00 EET


We Seattleites have finally emerged from under the piles of snow,
collapsing roofs, torrents of wind and rain, and spates of flooding and
mudslides. It's still pouring rain, but we're used to that. Aside from
wet basements all around, we RQ'ers came through fine.


Other digesters have pointed out that the Praxian sable is an antelope.
And the Praxian variety is probably a bit larger than the earthly one,
if it can easily carry a person.

I'd like to add that the other earthly sable is not a rodent. Sables
are a type of mustelid, closely related to minks, martens, and fishers.
(They are the poor beasties that go into all those furry Russian caps.)
These animals are members of Order Carnivora, not Rodentia.

Although the are small, members of the weasel group are very fierce,
killing prey many times their own size. I always thought they'd make
pretty fearsome hsuncheon.



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