Y'all are gettin' boring . . .

From: Lemens, Chris (CNU!AUSTIN3!lemens@cnucorp.attmail.com)
Date: Thu 02 Jan 1997 - 19:13:00 EET

Are you people sleeping off the excesses of the holiday season?

To liven up discussion, here's a statement followed by a question: I've
become mildly obsessed with designing an end of the age scenario. Most of
the materials available for current year play avoid saying how the age will
end in order to permit GMs to do whatever they feel like. So how would you
do it, if you were going to?

My favorite prophesy is the white moon/mostali one. I envision a hero quest
to the moon to send it rolling across the sky to fill the pole star hole
created when the Spike exploded. Or maybe then dropping down into the ocean
to cut off the other hole left when the Spike exploded. Or maybe something
else entirely (i.e., feel free to flame my cosmology).

I would especially like to hear theories that permit different
interpretations in different cultures, as the Godwar, the Dawning, the
Sunstop, and the Gbaji wars all did. It is the end of an age, after all.

Leaving room for PC involvement is always a plus.

Are you awake yet?


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