Flexibility of Interpretationtha Digest V4 #43

From: Guy Hoyle (guyhoyle@chrysalis.org)
Date: Fri 03 Jan 1997 - 17:15:19 EET

| Graham Wren <wren@fortwhyte.mb.ca>
| In an earlier digest (40? 41?), someone stated that according to Greg
| Stafford, elves really were plants and trolls can actually sustain
| themselves on rock, etc. I have no real contact with Mr. Stafford,
| but rather I work from his writings. If others have privileged
| information, then I am out-and-out WRONG, and I am sorry.
This isn't privileged information; the elf material is available from
several sources, such as ELDER SECRETS, and the troll material is from
TROLLPACK. We work from his writings, too. However, if you don't like
this aspect of Glorantha, then please, change it!

| I am saying that I cannot take this all as dogma, like others seem to
| do. I still feel that a campaign background must sit well not only
| with PC's but with the players themselves.

| If Mr. Stafford stands up and tells me I'm off my nut, then I'll just
| continue to play RQ - the Science Fiction version. Maybe I am in
| violation of some licensing right by having my own version of
| Glorantha!

I don't think that the copyright police will be knocking at your door :)

There Is No One True Glorantha. You must interpret all information in the
light of your players, your campaign, and your own best judgement. If you
don't like an "official" ruling on it, then you are free to disregard it.

However, be aware that Glorantha is an intricate place; be sure to consider
the impact of your changes on the rest of the background.


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