Trolls, Rocks, Tricksters

From: James Frusetta (
Date: Fri 03 Jan 1997 - 18:58:19 EET

Graham Wren writes:
>In an earlier digest (40? 41?), someone stated that according to Greg
>Stafford, elves really were plants and trolls can actually sustain
>themselves on rock, etc.
Not privileged information on the Trolls, at least; it's in _Uz Lore_,
48-49. Note that rock, while occasionally tasty, is not particularly
nutritious for trolls -- IMO a troll needs other foodstuffs as well, and
might well waste away if continually kept on a diet of rock for season
after season. So "sustain" might actually be debatable.

Stephen P Martin writes:
>Does anyone out there have any ideas on the form the Trickster takes, and
>how he is treated in myth, in Prax and/or among the Trolls? . . .
>For the trolls, I would imagine that Devourer is well-known and quite
>popular. Other likely forms seem to be Firestarter, Drunkard, and
How about "Wastrel"? The idea of deliberately wasting food should alarm a
culture that spends so much time gathering and consuming food. The same
aspect might also delight in scaring away game, to the detriment of
hard-working hunters.

In addition to the standard remove body spells, Remove Teeth is a must, of
course. You can send 'em off to eat someone else's meal, bite 'em, etc.
Plus, since their bite is a respectable little attack on its own, you can
use 'em to ambush people. Hide 'em in sheets, in boxes, in dinner and have
'em bite the first person who comes near.

Trickster might also figure in some tales of racial animosity with
Elves/Dwarves -- was it _really_ Vaneekara who smashed the Castle of
Delicacy or Jongale who plucked leaves from Shanasse, or was it Trickster

disguised as the same? I don't know if that's precisely a different
aspect, but I'd think the killing joke for a Troll trickster would be to
touch off a local Elvish-Dwarven conflict through mischief.

IMO, Trollish Tricksters have to be either mild or particularly subtle,
considering that without an Orlanth-style protector figure the local Death
Lord is going to smash you flat the first time he gets annoyed...

And incidentially, the thought of a Drunkard aspect troll trickster is far
too scary to contemplate... <grin>

James Frusetta
Department of History University of Maryland, College Park


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