Spiritual Journey, Atheist PC?

From: Peter Maranci (pmaranci@sunspot.tiac.net)
Date: Fri 03 Jan 1997 - 21:59:34 EET

        My deep thanks are due to those who made suggestions for the
Orlanthi spiritual journey. On reflection, the difficulty is a roleplaying
one rather than purely informational: much of the journey should be
internal, a matter of insight and emotional turmoil. It seems to me that a
HeroQuest would be necessary to externalize such matters and make them

        Some new questions:

        Has anyone ever played an atheistic character from God Forgot? I'm
wishing for a character template (if there isn't one, maybe I'll make one
up). How would such a character deal with religious types on a journey to
Dragon Pass, say?

        How about a campaign set in God Forgot? Any thoughts on what it
might be like there, beyond the skimpy material already published?

        Always wondering...

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