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Date: Fri 03 Jan 1997 - 21:40:19 EET

Chris Lemens:

>Are you people sleeping off the excesses of the holiday season?

 Come on, be fair. Just because you don't like the topics at the moment
doesn't mean that they aren't valid. If you find a discussion boring, just
scroll past it when you read it.

>Most of the materials available for current year play avoid saying how the
age will
>end in order to permit GMs to do whatever they feel like.

 To my knowledge there are only three sources of End Of Age info, the best
is KoS which points out most of the major points you should/could use (or
ignore freely), and the myriad of prophecies in the Glorantha Boxed Set. Oh,
the third source -- imagination.

>So how would you do it, if you were going to?

 Personally, since the End of Age is about a hundred years ago from 1621 ST,
then I'd prefer to have a better, clearer image of the future before I
played the Endgame scenario. An End of Age campaign would be a much better
idea IMO, but also far beyond most normal mortals. You'd probabley have to
play RQ every day for the next five years.

 If you really were serious about this, then you have certain problems in
your way. How do the big players gifure in your pciture, such as Argrath,
the Red Emperor, Sheng Seleris etc... Do you characters play these
characters? I think randomly creating new Heroes might be a bit bad as your
players won't be quite as "in touch" with the characters. Or has your
campaign already reached this stage, and you're using existing characters?
In your example you mentioned the Mostali prophecy -- will the Mostali play
a part in the HQ? What HQ rules will you use? Even worse, will your players
ever want to play RQ again knowing that the End of the Age has already been
played out?


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