Re: Glorantha Digest V4 #43

From: Tim Peterson (
Date: Fri 03 Jan 1997 - 22:27:48 EET

In Glorantha Digest V4 #43 Graham Wren wrote:

> That same Sartarite would believe that
> Humakt is the god of death and war, and would not be able to conceive
> that there are other death gods in other lands with overlapping
> responsibilities, etc.

I fear I cannot agree. In "real world" polytheistic cultures, folk are
quite willing to accept that other peoples have different Gods, whose
powers are valid in their own lands. Witness the Romans' ready acceptance
of Egyptian gods. (I will spare you all, and not go on, as I tend to...) In
fact the Judeo-Christian tradition (I include Islam) seems rather unique in
it's xenotheophobia. (And it was not always so...) A sartarite would be
quite willing to accept that other panthaeons exist, as he would already
know many folk who worship different Gods.

 > I am saying that I cannot take this all as dogma, like others seem to
> do. I still feel that a campaign background must sit well not only
> with PC's but with the players themselves.

Here I agree. There seems quite a lot of dogmatism on the board. There is
still some impressive creativity, though.


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