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Date: Sat 04 Jan 1997 - 17:09:26 EET

Happy New Full Moon Year to y'all!

Re: Londra

David Dunham write:
>I've tried to figure out which clan she's from. Part of the problem is
>Londros isn't in Colymar lands! (For those who don't have the maps
>from Tales, TotRM5.3 has Londros on the road between Harvest
>Home and Quackford. This appears to be solidly in Lismelder lands,
>according to TotRM6.7.

The map in Tales #5 was actually done by Jon Quaife based on Greg
Stafford's original. Londros is not marked on the original map so I'm not
sure if Jon made it up or found out about it from Greg.

I prefer to believe that Londros is located correctly on the Tales #5 map.
I propose that at the time of Londra's birth the Bayberry clan was part of
the Colymar tribe (perhaps having been part of another tribe a few decades
before). However, during the reign of Terasarin the clan left the Colymar
and joined the Lismelder tribe.

This would mean that Londra could claim to be of the Colymar, but also
explain why the Bayberry are not listed as a clan of the Colymar in KoS.
I'm happy to adopt the Bayberry into the Lismelder tribe! (I reckon ducks
are rather partial to bayberries too.)

Note: Londra's birthday is shown as 1605 in an issue of Wyrms Footnotes -
which is patently silly since she would only have been seven when she
started adventuring!

Re: Gloranthan conformity

Graham Wren in #32:
>I feel that the Gloranthan "novels" are being treated as
>doctrine, rather than ways of fleshing out the mythologies
>of Glorantha.

In fact, each of these "novels" has been written from a Gloranthan point of
view. All anyone can do is try and interpret and re-interpret these books
endlessly without knowing, for sure, the One True World truth of the matter
(probably because there isn't one). In point of fact, the truth lies in the
prevailing beliefs of wherever you happen to be at the time. When I'm in
Sartar then the Orlanthi pantheon is true and works, when I'm in the Lunar
Empire their pantheon works.

It can be fun looking at the cross-overs and similarities between pantheons
(the root of Experimental Heroquesting), but only so much fun. After a
while such discussions become pretty pointless IMO, unless there *is* a HQ
at the end of it!

>I am saying that I cannot take this all as dogma, like
>others seem to do.

Unfortunately, there are parts of Glorantha that you have to accept as
dogma for the framework of the world to exist and allow expansion. Things
like the fact that Glorantha exists at all, that magic works, historical
facts such as the apotheosis of the Red Goddess, the geographical fact that
Prax is mostly desert, and (probably) that Trolls do find rocks

Without some ground rules we can have no consensus on the base Glorantha
which we can then co-operatively develop with Greg, or which we can
customise for our individual use. This mailing list would not exist if
there were not a core Glorantha that we can all identify with (even if this
differs slightly for all of us).

Of course, after this things get woolly. IMO not everything can or should
be defined in Glorantha. There should be no One True World or master plan
for the World Machine imposed upon us as dogma.

But where do you draw the line between defining the core Gloranthan dogma
and allowing flexibility. Beats me! But I am on the "gimme more
flexibility" side of fence!

All Hail the Flexible Moon!

David Hall


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