Issaries and staffs

From: Jane Williams (
Date: Sun 05 Jan 1997 - 03:58:28 EET

I seem to remember that the cult weapon of Issaries is the staff.
However, the write-up in the back of RoC doesn't mention it, and all I
can find is a bit in Cults of Prax (Rune Lords had to have 90% staff
attack). I seem to remember there's something in GoG: (where the allied
spirit is kept, or something), but my copy is out on loan. Can anyone
confirm this, or add any other references?

BTW, the "previous experience" table for traders doesn't have Bargain on
it: might I ask what work-arounds others have found for this? I've got
one, but there's no point in re-inventing too many wheels.
Jane Williams


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