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Klaus Ole Kristiansen <>
Purple and blue
>In ancient times, purple was a dye, not a color. The dye could produce
>red, blue, or any shade in between. Red was most valued. The stripe
>used to indicate high rank among Romans was red.
So maybe Minaryth is called the Purple because his hands are always
stained by dye? This sort of reinforces my view that M. Blue and M.
Purple are the same: his hands were stained with dye because, as a simple
farmer, his family dyed their own wool from their sheep.

O K, I'll shut up now.

Peter Metcalfe <>
Yelmalio and Ram People
>[Yelmalio Temples in Vanch]
>It would be a very unusual religion that has major temples in Vanch
>and none at the Hill of Gold which is their most holy place. This
>would be akin methinks to having the nearest muslim mosque to the
>Holy Places of Mecca and Medina somewhere in Iraq.

Unless ALL Sun Dome Temples were built on the ruins of the older temples,
as King of Sartar tends to imply. Thus, there was no temple ruin actually
at the hills, so the revived cult did not have a major temple there.
Since there was probably one or more in Vanch, they would have them
there. Even in Prax the new temple was built near to the old one!

>I don't think it's mercenaries that render a temple Sun Dome.
>Methinks the shear size counts.
Or again, it could be the ones built on the ruins of the Second Age
Yelm-complex and/or Antirius temples.

James Frusetta <>
Trolls, Rocks, Tricksters
>>For the trolls....

>Trickster might also figure in some tales of racial animosity with
>Elves/Dwarves -- was it _really_ Vaneekara who smashed the Castle of
>Delicacy or Jongale who plucked leaves from Shanasse, or was it
>disguised as the same?

Actually, I think Jongale was a trickster figure as well. I left him out
in error.

>I don't know if that's precisely a different
>aspect, but I'd think the killing joke for a Troll trickster would be to
>touch off a local Elvish-Dwarven conflict through mischief.
"Killing joke" is about right, with that.

>IMO, Trollish Tricksters have to be either mild or particularly subtle,
>considering that without an Orlanth-style protector figure the local
>Lord is going to smash you flat the first time he gets annoyed...
So, what _does_ protect troll tricksters? Are they milder than Orlanthi
ones, or is their role in troll society different? I want more info on
their place in society than aspects.

David Hall <>
Conform or die!
>I prefer to believe that Londros is located correctly on the Tales #5
>I propose that at the time of Londra's birth the Bayberry clan was part
>the Colymar tribe (perhaps having been part of another tribe a few
>before). However, during the reign of Terasarin the clan left the
>and joined the Lismelder tribe.
>This would mean that Londra could claim to be of the Colymar, but also
>explain why the Bayberry are not listed as a clan of the Colymar in KoS.
>I'm happy to adopt the Bayberry into the Lismelder tribe! (I reckon
>are rather partial to bayberries too.)
Then you have to choose one of the Severed Clans listed in King of Sartar
for her to be of.

>Note: Londra's birthday is shown as 1605 in an issue of Wyrms Footnotes
- -
>which is patently silly since she would only have been seven when she
>started adventuring!
A later issue provided a correction to this when it was pointed out.
Correct year was given as 1598. Made her still pretty young, but not as

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