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Graham Wren <>
Flexibility of interpretation
>In an earlier digest (40? 41?), someone stated that according to Greg
>Stafford, elves really were plants and trolls can actually sustain
>themselves on rock, etc. I have no real contact with Mr. Stafford,
>but rather I work from his writings. If others have privileged
>information, then I am out-and-out WRONG, and I am sorry.

Graham -- no need to be sorry. As someone who does have access to a lot
of insider information, I certainly cannot fault people for coming up
with their own interpretations. I do this myself as well, and adapt
towards Greg as necessary.

But I would caution you and everyone else: do not take printed RQ
information as Gospel. Remember that most of it, even the generic,
God-Learneresque write-ups of history and such, are always from a
specific point of view. For example, while much of Trollpak and Troll
Gods is from a troll point of view, the entire write-up of their History
is very much God-Learnerish, and all of the cult write-ups are so generic
as to be nearly useless to me.

>I am saying that I cannot take this all as dogma, like others seem to
>do. I still feel that a campaign background must sit well not only
>with PC's but with the players themselves.
>If Mr. Stafford stands up and tells me I'm off my nut, then I'll just
>continue to play RQ - the Science Fiction version. Maybe I am in
>violation of some licensing right by having my own version of
Of course not. And I believe Greg would encourage you to develop "your"
Glorantha on your own. However, especially when something is published
from a specific culture's viewpoint, such as Glorious ReAscent of Yelm,
is more than useful in basing your work in such an area or culture. I do
not believe that Plentonius has even half of his history absolutely
correct -- the main events are probably good from Jenarong on, but almost
everything preceding that is little better than fantasy -- it is _myth_.
As such, it is very valid for Dara Happans, but is of little use in
determining the history of the Grazers, for example.

David Dunham <>
Londra of Londros; the Ram
>I've tried to figure out which clan she's from. Part of the problem is
>Londros isn't in Colymar lands! (For those who don't have the maps from
>Tales, TotRM5.3 has Londros on the road between Harvest Home and
>This appears to be solidly in Lismelder lands, according to TotRM6.7.
I believe it was David Hall who told me that a couple of places labelled
on this map were not correct. Londros was one of them. Now, it _is_ on
Greg's original, but perhaps Greg said that this is not where Londros

Londros could also be a family name. Or, she may have done something
notable there and been given its name as a title.

CNU!AUSTIN3! (Lemens, Chris)
Y'all are gettin' boring . . .
If you were more specific about how we were boring you, maybe we could
liven it up ourselves.

>My favorite prophesy is the white moon/mostali one. I envision a hero
>to the moon to send it rolling across the sky to fill the pole star hole

>created when the Spike exploded. Or maybe then dropping down into the
>to cut off the other hole left when the Spike exploded. Or maybe
>else entirely (i.e., feel free to flame my cosmology).
I have a theory about the White Moon myself. Since, from a Mostali point
of view, the goal is to make the world perfect again, the White Moon
would have to fit into it. If the Red Moon is indeed going to start
moving again, it makes sense that this would happen at the same time it
turns white. I favor a north to south "orbit", rather than east to west.
This completes the sky -- a quartered circle, which is what I believe the
Mostali actually have as their symbol. When seen from the side, it is a
representation of the Golden Age, before the Machine broke -- horizontal
line is the horizon, vertical line the Spike, Circle is the Sky Dome and
the floor of the Underworld.

Stephen Martin
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