God Forgot

From: Peter Metcalfe (P.Metcalfe@student.canterbury.ac.nz)
Date: Sun 05 Jan 1997 - 09:19:57 EET

Peter Maranci:

> Has anyone ever played an atheistic character from God Forgot? I'm
>wishing for a character template (if there isn't one, maybe I'll make one
>up). How would such a character deal with religious types on a journey to
>Dragon Pass, say?

Since the People Whom God Forgot are said to follow the Ancient
Brithini Caste rules (which they apparently learned from the
God Learners), the Arolanit templates should be quite ample.
They do have some unusual traits like their inventiveness
which are quite Unbrithini - the God Learners exploited this
to create the Machine City and Zistor.

They know that God has forgotten them and hence believe that
there is no life after death. People who worship other gods
are deluded fools. Hence they would share the Brithini fear
of Death IMO. A journey to Dragon pass would be undertaken
in a state of extreme anxiety.

> How about a campaign set in God Forgot? Any thoughts on what it
>might be like there, beyond the skimpy material already published?

A land full of technical marvels which are rarely made more
than once. Patrols scout the land in orinthropters, pedal-
copters and hot-air balloons. The cities are bizarre
constructions wrought by building automata gone beserk. They
are kept spotlessly clean by foaming water that gushes from
the sewers and floods the streets before draining into the sea.

The land is rent with furrows every spring by monstrous
mobile ploughs that even tear up the roads. The Talars
care naught for this for they send forth the juggernaughts
to remake the roads anew by flattening the earth. After
the farmers have planted the seeds, they then flee from the
manure spreading trebuchets. The summers are filled with
dread for them for mechanical scarecrows stalk the fields
creating infernal dins that would frighten even dragons.
In autumn, the farmers bow down before the combines in
the fields (lest they too be cut down by the whirling
scythes) and spend the rest of the season picking up the
sheaves for no-one has invented the trailer.

The only part visited by outsiders now is the infamous
Casino Town where people lose money. One can visit
the rest of God Forgot from Casino Town but people rarely
do so. The chief reason is a horde of rogue one-armed
bandits that dwells outside the Town demanding to be fed
with coins. Those that do not satisfy their hunger are
beaten to death with their arms.

All IMO.

- --Peter Metcalfe


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