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From: Michael Raaterova (
Date: Sun 05 Jan 1997 - 12:56:39 EET

Jane Williams:
>I seem to remember that the cult weapon of Issaries is the staff.
>However, the write-up in the back of RoC doesn't mention it, and all I
>can find is a bit in Cults of Prax (Rune Lords had to have 90% staff
>attack). I seem to remember there's something in GoG: (where the allied
>spirit is kept, or something), but my copy is out on loan. Can anyone
>confirm this, or add any other references?

One wonders why a mostly non-fighting cult of a non-martial deity would
have a cult weapon at all. If an Issaries initiate has a warrior bent he'd

use a cultural weapon. In GoG and RoC there no longer is a Rune Lord status
in the cult, and thus the 90% staff attack condition of CoP is void. If the

Issaries' priests need enforcers they use the local militia or hired thugs.

The allied spirit is housed in a staff, mule or shop according to GoG.

>BTW, the "previous experience" table for traders doesn't have Bargain on
>it: might I ask what work-arounds others have found for this? I've got
>one, but there's no point in re-inventing too many wheels.

Not all traders are initiates of Issaries, and Bargain is a skill special
to Issaries.

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