Divine Magic

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Date: Sun 05 Jan 1997 - 15:01:52 EET

G'day all,

Divine Magic

Jane Williams:
>(BTW, what I want to know is what the rules *are*. I can come up with
>plenty of ideas on what they *should* be myself. Don't let that stop
>discussion, but an answer as well would be nice).

Sorry Jane, I've got no idea what the rules are. But here's my take

>An initiate has divine magic, but it is one-use. In order to become a
>priest, they need ten points of such magic. Once they become a priest,
>they can sacrifice for reuseable divine magic. But what happens to the
>ten points they had before? Does it become reuseable automatically, or do
>they need to resacrifice for it?

Huzzah! IMG, they'd all become reusable! (But, IMG, you don't and never
did need 10 points of divine magic to become a priest; there were other,
less mechanical, more character-building, worth-proving and MGF-able ways to
the top: "Brother Yello! Your piety is commendable, yet prove to us that
you *are* leader of men - take command of that mutinuous rabble who call
themselves the Men of Gold and get the people of Rabbit Hat to again pay
their tithes!")

>Also, is it possible to be a priest without having the Worship Deity
>spell? I would have though that at least they would have had to get it
>within a few weeks of obtaining the new rank, but it isn't spelt out as
>such in the rule books that I can find.

Again, IMG as part of the many-and-varied induction rituals something
*all* priests everywhere do as part of the show is to sacrifice at least one
point of POW. This gets 'em the Worship [God] spell and enables them to
lead worship ceremonies - this is what sets them apart from the rest of
the cult and defines their exulted status as priests.



PS I see that most of the west coast of the US is either under water or
sliding downhill in mud and that all of Europe seems to be shivering under
eighteen feet of snow. Just thought you guys over there might like to know
for the third day in a row it got to close to 40 degrees celcius (about 107F)
and the heat wave is likely to continue for some days yet (blarrghh). Both the
US and Europe almost seem pretty inviting in comparision!


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