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Date: Sun 05 Jan 1997 - 15:18:38 EET

"Jane Williams" <> she say:
> A rules clarification needed, please. (Yes, I know this isn't the rules
> digest, but in the absence of one, this will have to do).
> An initiate has divine magic, but it is one-use. In order to become a
> priest, they need ten points of such magic. Once they become a priest,
> they can sacrifice for reuseable divine magic. But what happens to the
> ten points they had before? Does it become reuseable automatically, or do
> they need to resacrifice for it?

No, I've always assumed that it becomes reusable the moment you become a Priest
or Acolyte. It doesn't say so explicity anywhere in the rules but it seems the
only sensible way to interpret it.

> Also, is it possible to be a priest without having the Worship Deity
> spell? I would have though that at least they would have had to get it
> within a few weeks of obtaining the new rank, but it isn't spelt out as
> such in the rule books that I can find.

I would say that you can't obtain the Worship Deity spell as an Initiate but
would be required to do so as soon as you become a Priest or Acolyte. This isn't

stated anywhere in the rules either but it seems fair. Other Priest-only
spells like Excommunication would have to picked up as the character rises
through the hierarchy. His priestly superiors would come along and tell him:
"Time to sacrifice for another Divination, boy."

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