Conform or Die 2

From: David Hall (
Date: Sun 05 Jan 1997 - 19:11:23 EET

Divine Magic:

Jane Williams asks for a rules clarification. Well, I don't know for sure,
but I reckon the 10 points become reusable. Of course, I use David Cheng's
excellent Runepower rules from issue 12 of that wonderful zine Tales of the
Reaching Moon.

Issaries Staffs:

I always thought that the staff was the cult weapon of Issaries - though it
is not a martial cult and so it might better referred to as their preferred
weapon. Back in RQ2 all cults seemed to have a martial rune lord side to
them, which didn't make much sense.

In Gods of Glorantha it says that Issaries allied spirits can be bound into
staff, mule or shop.

I see no reason to get hung up about it not being in the cult write up -
weapons just ain't so important to the cult.

Londra of Londros, etc:

Stephen Martin replies to my theory (in #44) with:
>Then you have to choose one of the Severed Clans listed in
>King of Sartar for her to be of.

Aww... do I really have to choose one of the Severed Clans? Sounds a bit
dogmatic to me. Are you suggesting that I must conform to the 100% accuracy
of what is in King of Sartar? I think not. KoS is crammed full of
inaccuracies and inconsistencies. It is written by Gloranthan scholars from
incomplete documents, oral records, and their own prejudiced standpoint.

Surely I'm allowed a tiny little itzy bitzy change from the published

Who is to say that the Bayberry were not left off the lists by mistake or
design - having been wrongly or rightly attributed to the Lismelder tribe?

Lets have some flexibility here!

All Hail the Dying Moon!

David Hall


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