Aldryami & Mostali Trickers

From: Shannon Appel (
Date: Mon 06 Jan 1997 - 02:00:05 EET

Stephen Martin:
>Again, I have a hard time accepting a single trickster figure for the
>elves. And, like with the dwarves, I am not at all sure the elves even
>have a trickster. If an elf is not part of aldryami, if he is rootless,
>he will worship an acceptable cult, or he will wither and die. In the
>extreme case, he will become an enemy, like Saw-Tooth Korvan. I have a
>hard time believing that any intelligent plants would have any need or
>use for a trickster figure.

I think the honest answer is that not only do both Aldryami & Mostali
need Tricksters, but that they truly need them more than just about
any other people in Glorantha (exception for Brithini noted).

The Aldryami & the Mostali have to be some of the most utterly
stagnant and immobile cultures in Glorantha. The facist Mostali prize
conformity and strict obediance to such a level that anyone who
deviates an inch from the norm is either "recycled" (killed) or cursed
to die a slow, unnatural, mortal death. The socialist Aldryami sleep
and dream as One. Nothing is personal, not even thoughts, dreams, or
aspirations. It is all shared in a communal whole.

Because of these extreme societies, the Aldryami & Mostali tend not to
advance. The world is passing them by, and they are standing solid,

The Mostali are absolutely hopeless. When a trickster arises in their
society a tick is marked on a sub-caste manager's aide's record sheet
(form XLV 101101011011.1101011 C) next to the entry marked "Aberration
type 10011101101 spotted and recycled". A changeless society. No
tricksters, ever. No possibility for change. The Mostali are doomed to
be buried beneath the sands of History. No one will remember their
name, or even that they were.

Perhaps the Aldryami will survives the rigors of History, but it seems
unlikely. Their society is largely changeless, but at least they don't
destroy the few aberrant trickster that arise, though they are likely
made to feel somewhat unwelcome in proper Aldryami society. Still,
there's the chance that these scant tricksters may be able to
influence Aldryami society enough that it will slowly change, and live
on in an ever-diminishing form.

The Glorantha history books say that humanity is growing ever stronger
because of the speed with which they breed. But, I don't think that's
the whole story. Their short life spans lead them much more open to
change, and that's likely part of what makes most human societies
willing to accept a wide variety of tricksters.



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