Issaries RL

From: Philip Hibbs (101621.1264@CompuServe.COM)
Date: Mon 06 Jan 1997 - 02:47:06 EET

Michael Raaterova:
>In GoG and RoC there no longer is a Rune Lord status
>in the cult, and thus the 90% staff attack condition of CoP is void.

I heard somewhere that cults with Rune Lord and Rune Priest ranks are cults
which have been amalgamated (presumably by GLs) from two other cults, and the
two ranks are remnants of the separate hierarchies. However, it has been
suggested that Issaries is very much a GL construct, Tradetalk and Spell Trading
are just too good to be true - like the Babel Fish! This suggests to me that
Issaries should have both ranks. After all, merchants frequently have to defent

themselves from bandits.
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