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In Digest v4#45 Peter Michaels writes
>Scary Monster represents the capacity for senseless hunger all
>Uz know resides within themselves, which if loosed ultimately
>leads to both self-destruction and the destruction of others.
>It is their own violently selfish devouring urges taken to an
>extreme. It cares nothing for community or procreation, and is

This sounds more like a Garagarth/Ragnaglar/Urain type deity than a
trickster to me. An emotion or urge followed to the extent it becomes
the sole _raison d'etre_. Trickster is more complex than this, as he
does give some benefit to the community, although this is not always his
intention. I suspect that it was a trickster that showed the Trolls the
way to the surface when Yelm appeared in Hell, having already discovered
the surface world due to (a) his innate curiosity and (b) the fact that
Kygor Litor wouldn't let him live in the main Troll community. He may
also have been responsible for Korasting having been left behind

I also suspect that he is responsible for teaching Zorak Zoran how to
create zombies, having originally used the ability himself as a joke on
Zorak Zoran, raising the bodies of foes the Deathlord had just slain.
Teaching Zorak Zoran how to do it himself was a small price to pay for
his life when he was caught!

I am not sure that the Trolls recognize Trickster as being a Troll deity
or even a darkness deity, but as some sort of stranger who may
occasionally be helpful, but is just as likely to be dangerous. Where a
trickster is protected in Troll society, it is likely to be by either
Xiola Umbar or Argan Argar (where they think the benefits will outway
the disruption he brings) - however I don't think any trickster occupies
as permanent place in a Troll tribe as they do in an Orlanthi one.

A final thought is that I seem to recall something about Greg saying the
reason Orlanth needs Eurmal is that without Trickster there can be no
change, so as a final gift to trolls, I suspect that the Troll adoption
rites (as described in Trollpack) in which a non-troll is ritually
mutilated to turn them in to a troll, originated with the Trickster,

though whether he underwent them himself or merely explained their use
for another victim, I don't know (suggesstions anyone?)
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