God Forgot, Bargain, Flexibility

From: Stephen P Martin (ilium@juno.com)
Date: Mon 06 Jan 1997 - 08:03:55 EET

>Peter Maranci:
>>Has anyone ever played an atheistic character from God Forgot?
There are a couple of Brits (hope this term don't offend) who submitted
something to Greg on God Forgot. It may have gone into more detail. I do
not remember who they were, as I only glanced at it once, briefly. I
believe they gave it to him at the last Convulsion -- does anyone out
there know there names, or can they put Peter Maranci in touch with them.

>> How about a campaign set in God Forgot? Any thoughts on what it
>>might be like there, beyond the skimpy material already published?
Peter Metcalf>A land full of technical marvels which are rarely made more
>than once. Patrols scout the land in orinthropters, pedal-
>copters and hot-air balloons. The cities are bizarre
>constructions wrought by building automata gone beserk. They
>are kept spotlessly clean by foaming water that gushes from
>the sewers and floods the streets before draining into the sea.
I have always tended to see 90% + of them as normal people living normal
lives, with the techno-stuff limited to madmen like Leonardo the
Inventor. God Forgot inventions would be more likely to run amok in the
countryside and have to be "put down", than to be used by the people or

Peter Metcalf's version is quite engaging, however. Would make a good
sci-fi story.

michael.raaterova.7033@student.uu.se (Michael Raaterova)
Re: Issaries and staffs
Jane Williams>>the "previous experience" table for traders doesn't have
>>on it: might I ask what work-arounds others have found for this? I've
>>one, but there's no point in re-inventing too many wheels.
Michael>Not all traders are initiates of Issaries, and Bargain is a skill
>to Issaries.
This seems to be a Runequestism -- I would tend to class Bargain as a
Common skill, which is only taught by Issaries, Etyries, etc. Any trader,
from any country, would learn the Bargain skill. Every fishwife in the
world is an expert in it, after all. They just call it Haggle.

David Hall <100116.2616@compuserve.com>
Conform or Die 2
>Londra of Londros, etc:
>Stephen Martin replies to my theory (in #44) with:
>>Then you have to choose one of the Severed Clans listed in
>>King of Sartar for her to be of.
>Aww... do I really have to choose one of the Severed Clans? Sounds a bit
>dogmatic to me.>

>Surely I'm allowed a tiny little itzy bitzy change from the published
I guess _maybe_ an exception can be made in this case. Only for you,
David, only for you.

>Who is to say that the Bayberry were not left off the lists by mistake
>design - having been wrongly or rightly attributed to the Lismelder
Because this record was actually written by a Colymar tribesman, only a
few years after all of these events. I doubt he would have made any

>Lets have some flexibility here!
Flexibility is not my middle name -- I am not Orlanth. :)

>All Hail the Dying Moon!
May Argrath soon tear it from the Sky!!!


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