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Steve Martin writes:

> When discussing things on the Digest, we are normally discussing
> what we believe is either The Truth or A Truth. Poetic license IS a
> problem, I think...

I think not. We are normally discussing Glorantha, which is a fertile and
creative wellspring for all sorts of ideas. Poetry included (though I
wouldn't class my Songbook or the Ballad of Beat-Pot Aelwrin in this


For my part, I write Gloranthan folktales, which I do not think are either
"The" or "A" truth: I trust my audience to make of them what they will.
People who get into arguments on the Digest may be "discussing" Truth, but
I'd rather they wrote something new that they loved rather than niggling
about something they didn't.

Anyway, using the culturally-specific "NOT!" to pretend you *didn't*
mistakenly state that there were trolls living in the Kingdom of Ignorance
is underhanded.

Dave Black writes:

> Is it possible that Greg envisioned Glorantha to have a camel-like
> creature but not have something equating to a dromedary or bactrian
> camel? Camels aren't mentioned after all in the creatures book...

Yep, the "alticamelus" (that's "High Llama" to us peasants) of Prax is
definitely based on that distant precursor species you've found. But why
shouldn't someone call this (in a myth) a "camel"?

> "The llama is a quadruped which lives in big rivers like the Amazon"

This explains:
1) Why High Llamas are so tall (to keep their heads above water);
2) Why they spit so much (to expel accidentally-inhaled water);
3) Why in the boardgame "Nomad Gods" the High Llama Tribe has blue
counters and are associated with the Water Spirits of Prax.

Well spotted, Andrew!

On a side issue, the Praxian Sable Antelope has a russet, reddish coat, not
the darker coat of the RW beastie.

Graham writes:

> I have no real contact with Mr. Stafford, but rather I work from his
> If others have privileged information, then I am out-and-out WRONG, and
> I am sorry.

The "privileged information" you're citing (complaining about?) is
widespread currency in most recent Gloranthan products, certainly including
the Elder Secrets boxed set out of Avalon Hill. You aren't just going
against a privileged informed minority or a mainstream supposition, here.
That doesn't mean you're "wrong" (I know other estimable folk, including
Chris Gidlow and Jon Quaife, who have played with similar variant ideas
about the Elder Races), but it does mean that this particular suggestion is
more than just a "variant interpretation" or some "unpublished opinion of

Jane asks:

> A rules clarification needed, please. (Yes, I know this isn't the rules
> digest, but in the absence of one, this will have to do).

I guess I have time for a quickie...

> An initiate has divine magic, but it is one-use. In order to become a
> priest, they need ten points of such magic. Once they become a priest,
> they can sacrifice for reuseable divine magic. But what happens to the
> ten points they had before? Does it become reuseable automatically


> Also, is it possible to be a priest without having the Worship Deity
> spell? I would have though that at least they would have had to get it
> within a few weeks of obtaining the new rank, but it isn't spelt out as
> such in the rule books that I can find.

True: it isn't stated, and I'd tend to agree with your interpretation that
some points of "ritual" spells (Sanctify, Worship, Spellteaching, Command
Cult Spirit, etc.) are needed by any real priest. The variant RunePower
system by David Cheng in Tales #12 helps a lot with this kind of
jiggery-pokery, and I'll also mention in passing my own take on One-Use
Rune Magic in the same ish.

To worry powergamers: why shouldn't Rune Priests have to spend not just 90%
of their time and money, but also 90% of their Rune Magic, for the benefit
of their temple and congregation. A Rune Priest who has already used up
nine-tenths of his magic before an adventure starts is a lot less
unplayable... :-)

Michael writes:

> One wonders why a mostly non-fighting cult of a non-martial deity would
> have a cult weapon at all.

Answer: combined effects of Steve ("Sword Sage") Perrin and RQ2. Probably
deliberately stripped out in the conversion to RQ3, but no harm keeping it

Thought for the Day: is Yelmalio Lightfore?



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