Leonardo speaks

From: Peter Metcalfe (P.Metcalfe@student.canterbury.ac.nz)
Date: Mon 06 Jan 1997 - 15:07:53 EET

Stephen P Martin:

[On God Forgot]

>I have always tended to see 90% + of them as normal people living normal
>lives, with the techno-stuff limited to madmen like Leonardo the

Mad? You call me MAD?!? I will tell you, Sir, that you are
impossibly ignorant of the reason for our way of life. What
we do, sir, is not madness. We are the sane ones. It is
you who engage in acts of normalcy that betray the very reason
the Creator made you. Because of this, you are the one
who is insane.

Know that the Creator has forgotten us because we had made
NOTHING that could compare with His Creation. He has given
us existance, a priceless gift and we have *bored* him! In
tears, He left us seeking more interesting pasttimes and
found them. Hence He Forgot us and damned us to a world of
mundanity. But we are not *incapable* of making something
that could compare His Creation. We have the original Spark
of Creativity within us. By engaging in cunning acts, we
seek to fan this spark into a blazing beacon. Not by faith,
but only by Acts of Invention will the Creator turn His
Immortal Eye towards us and reward us with Solace.

Henceforth every hour of our lives, we wrack our brains
in an attempt to invent. One day, we shall create the
Machine that will return the Creator to us. This Machine
will bespeak such ingenuity in its construction that the
Creator will espy it from afar. In examining its nonsuch
artifice, He will be drawn into the Machine and be made to
descend down to our world to bless us. I have only the
barest outlines of how the Deux Ex Machina might be built
and must seek to observe the creations of others to draw
further inspiration before I can even frame its symmetry!

Thus not only am I, Leonardo, an inventor of ingenious
engines but so are my fellow inventors. Our creativity
is not confined to us but extends the length and breadth
of the nation. Every one of us seeks to bring about some
new innovation to bring about the Return of the Creator.
To slack in this duty is to delay His Return which is
considered by us to be a henious crime. It is a common
mistake by outsiders to assume that because most of us do
not make machines, the talars, the farmers and the warriors
lack creativity. This is not so! All of us must work hard
in creativity to make up for the outsiders who know not the
reason for the Creator's disappearance.

Our warriors are not equipped with swords but devices of their
own imagination. My own bodyguard wears a suit of armour
that has scissors for gauntlets that he himself designed. His
wife wears boots that have daggers attached so she can stab
people in the kneecaps. Our most famous champion is known for
his repeating hand-held catapult.

Our farmers spend their spare time in creating new forms of
buildings, furniture, clothing, cooking and shrubbery! I
saw a farmer the other day who had built his house out of
cold porridge and ate mud for breakfast. Our Talars make
all manners of sculptures, paintings, songs, customes and
jewellery. Above the marketplace at Casino Town is an
invisible floating scuplture of a giant hand. It was made
by the Grand Talar to remind us that each of us in engaging
in individual Acts of Creation is led, as if by an invisible
hand, to achieve the best good for all. I trust that such
a profound truth needs no further explication.

>God Forgot inventions would be more likely to run amok in the
>countryside and have to be "put down", than to be used by the people or

"put down"? You mean to destroy our creations? You FOOL!
If they are destroyed, then the Creator will never see what
contrivances we have constructed! We will never allow our
creations to be destroyed. The Creator did not destroy us
when we bored Him, a crime beyond forgiveness, so what colour
of right do we have to smite our own creations? If the
machines do not filfull the purpose that we have made them
for, then that is no fault of its own. We merely take steps
to see that we come to no harm so that we can make new
creations. If a machine tears down a house, then we do not
destroy the machine. What has it done wrong? We simply
build another one and rejoice that we have an opportunity to
create anew.

You are just as bad as the Damnable God Learners who forced
us to REPEAT ourselves! By forcing us to duplicate our works
we were stiffled in our creative prowess and so were in danger
of stamping out the Spark of Creation. Be thankful that most
of the torture instruments that we made for their punishment
are still carrying out their original duty....

- --Peter Metcalfe


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