One-Armed Bandits

Date: Mon 06 Jan 1997 - 16:12:48 EET

G'day all,

One-Armed Bandits

I really got a kick out of Peter's wonderfully loopy description
of God Forgot, especially:

>The only part visited by outsiders now is the infamous
>Casino Town where people lose money. One can visit
>the rest of God Forgot from Casino Town but people rarely
>do so. The chief reason is a horde of rogue one-armed
>bandits that dwells outside the Town demanding to be fed
>with coins. Those that do not satisfy their hunger are
>beaten to death with their arms.

This is the stuff of the Tales rumour page! May we?

>All IMO.
And definitely in mine too! What's wrong with some whacko, Red Dwarfian
sci-fi inhabiting the lozenge somewhere?



>From the Notes From Nochet files:
...and in Ramalia Tapping is a form of state punishement, so it is unwise
to annoy the judge by conducting a draining defense...
[My 'From the Notes From Nochet files' selection for my post in Vol.4 #47
was obviously consumed by the cyberspace equivalent of a Thanatar 'Ingest
Scroll' spell. It read:

  From the Notes From Nochet files:
  (XXIX. 21-X-file)
  If you are reading this, then I have finally succeeded. My name is
  unimportant, but my dire warning is. I speak of the return of the God
  Learners, for their foul seed lies within us all - and we must forget it!

  The language we call Tradetalk is their seed. Do not mock! Think! Is it
  not convenient that there is one language which all can speak, that reduces
  the problems of communication between nations across all of the
  continents, known and unknown? Is it not unnatural or unusual that
  while Tradetalk exists our own languages exist too? It is because it is,

  was, and will be, the language of the foul God Learners! It contains within
  it their secret - a secret which must not be known lest they return and
  the world be destroyed and Chaos reclaim all.
  I have warned the peddlers of this doom, the cults of Issaries and Etyries,

  but they paid me no heed, and their leaders have tried to poison and kill
  me to stop my warnings from reaching you. Can those cults be God Learner
  constructs too? My last chance before the assassins reach me is this book.
  We must forget Tradetalk, we must embrace our own languages again! Before it

  is too late...]


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