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David of the Hall:
>Londra of Londros, etc:

>Stephen Martin replies to my theory (in #44) with:
>>Then you have to choose one of the Severed Clans listed in
>>King of Sartar for her to be of.

>Aww... do I really have to choose one of the Severed Clans? Sounds a bit
>dogmatic to me.

Your choice, really: believe in the map in Tales 5, and make the Londros
family originate in (severed) Zethnorin or Lismelder Bayberry territory
(which would explain why the youngsters bear a grudge and follow Humakt);
move Londros to somewhere within post-1613 Colymar lands; or come up with a
convincing explanation why things are as you say.

>Are you suggesting that I must conform to the 100% accuracy
>of what is in King of Sartar? I think not. KoS is crammed full of
>inaccuracies and inconsistencies. It is written by Gloranthan scholars from
>incomplete documents, oral records, and their own prejudiced standpoint.

That's exactly the kind of people you're dealing with here. KoS is written
with lots of space for interpretation, but don't tell the prejudiced
Gloranthan scholars not to press their pet theories.

The problem with and good thing about KoS is that the information has no
claim for completeness. The Colymar clan list is a perfect example,
especially when you look at the "Lost Clans". Kardarv and Jenestni,
Karandoli and Jenstali - sounds similar, doesn't it?

And the clans have a plethora of applicable names (just like the battles in
KoS). The Orlmarth clan is known as Starfires and as Woodpeckers, and even
as Keeper of Secrets. Who knows which plant is associated?

One hint about Londra's place of birth (or youth) might be the location of
Alebard's Tower, which lies in northeastern Colymar lands.

>Surely I'm allowed a tiny little itzy bitzy change from the published

Burn, heretic!

Problem is that as a zine editor, you form published dogma...

>Who is to say that the Bayberry were not left off the lists by mistake or
>design - having been wrongly or rightly attributed to the Lismelder tribe?

Nobody. But wasn't Blackmor the Rabid part of the Wooden Sword party at the
Hill of Orlanth Victorious? If I recall correctly, he was somewhat kin to
the Wooden Sworders. Blackmor was from the Taraling clan (at least according
to Colymar Book).

BTW, can anybody around here explain what "heir to the Colymar tribe of
Sartar" means in "The Crown-Test of Leika Ballista"?

>Lets have some flexibility here!

Sure. Just submit your view with a Jonstown Compendium entry number.

>All Hail the Dying Moon!

With Thunderbolts, as usual.



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