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From: Carlson, Pam (
Date: Mon 06 Jan 1997 - 21:03:00 EET

Hey All -

Here's my take on the divine magic/worship spells.

I view the "Worship" spell as a way of opening a reliable conduit to the
deity, generally for the purpose of sending MP or POW. (This is the
Gloranthan mechanism for devotion.) I remember reading somewhere that
inititates lead worship ceremonies when there is no priest or godi
available, so inititates would have to have access to it. IMO
"Worship" is one of the first spells initiates should take. As one
progresses in the cult, one would learn the skills to adapt the spell to
coordinate a larger group of worshippers.

BTW - a priest or acolyte also needs a pretty good Ceremony skill, (or
Ritual in PDPass), and a high cult lore skill.

Also, we finally found a use for the "cloud call" spell. PC's never
take it, because no one wants to blow a point of rune magic just to
make it a little cloudier. However, if a substantial number of people
in the clan cast cloud call, it can ensure that the godis will be able
to call down Orlanth's holy war magic in pitched battles, which usually
occur during fire season.

This was discovered by our Varmandi clan-folk, who are desperately
trying to figure out how prevent the Malani tribe from anhilating us.
We have the cunning plan of zapping their tribal leaders with
Thunderbolts, but we keep running into the little problem that they
still outnumber us six to one.

Alas, Jeff didn't think we could realistically convince all the clan's
non-warriors to sacrifice for Cloud Call in one season, but over a
period of years a large number of them may aquire it. This strategy
might be more applicable in Dragon Pass after several years of Lunar



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