End of Age

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Date: Mon 06 Jan 1997 - 15:08:00 EET

Me: >Are you people sleeping off the excesses of the holiday season?

Nick Thed-Shaman: >Come on, be fair. Just because you don't like the topics
at the moment doesn't mean that they aren't valid. If you find a discussion
boring, just
scroll past it when you read it.

Oops. 'Twas not a comment on the quality of the digest, but the quantity,
which is down from three or four a day to one on a good day. The threads
that exist are all good; there are just not enough of them. So I suggested
a new one.

Nick T-S: > Personally, since the End of Age is about a hundred years ago
from 1621 ST,then I'd prefer to have a better, clearer image of the future
before I played the Endgame scenario. An End of Age campaign would be a much
better idea IMO, but also far beyond most normal mortals.

I missed the distinction that I think you're making. (Chalk it up to
holiday excess.)

Nick T-S:> If you really were serious about this, then you have certain
problems in your way. How do the big players gifure in your pciture, such as
Argrath, the Red Emperor, Sheng Seleris etc... Do you characters play these
characters? I think randomly creating new Heroes might be a bit bad as your
players won't be quite as "in touch" with the characters. Or has your
campaign already reached this stage, and you're using existing characters?
In your example you mentioned the Mostali prophecy -- will the Mostali play
a part in the HQ? What HQ rules will you use? Even worse, will your players
ever want to play RQ again knowing that the End of the Age has already been
played out?

All great questions. This is a new campaign, intended to be a once-off side
line to ongoing play, so continuing play is not a problem. The major heroes
noted in the Canon will be NPCs. I have not yet designed the PCs because I
have not yet even figured out where in Glorantha they will be living. As I
figure it, the end of an age entails events of similar magnitude all over
the lozenge, so I may end up detailing interesting age-end events that I do
not end up using, or use only tangentially. I have no idea which HQ system

I will use.

What are my inclinations (before hearing all the great ideas out there)? I
like the Mostali-White Moon connection, so am inclined to use it. I will
probably start the PCs in Ramalia or the New Coast simply because it will be
easier to write on a fairly blank slate.

Stephen Martin suggests making the moon (white, rather than red, I think)
move north-south to represent the gods agr symbolically. I like the idea,
but Mostali always semed like literalists to me. If they want to fix the
world machine, I would not expect them to try it on a symbolic level. I'd
expect something more like stick the moon in that gaping hole in the middle
of the sky and peg the sun to it so it stops that darm side to side
movement. (I recognize that the non-movement of the sun during godstime is
controversial. So perhaps Stephen's fix is better for those who think the
sun always moved across the sky.) Alternately, perhaps they fix the big
hole in the ground. In either case, what happens to the blue moon, which
purportedly drops dwon from the sky through the pole star hole and into
Magasta's pool? Does she then stay in one place or the other, fixing the
other hole?

Stephen, assuming the new moon goes north-south, (1) what is its color; (2)
what is its periodicity, and (3) does it have phases?


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