Laboured Conformity

From: David Hall (
Date: Tue 07 Jan 1997 - 01:05:36 EET

Londra of Londros:

Stephen replies:
>Because this record was actually written by a Colymar tribesman,
>only a few years after all of these events. I doubt he would have
>made any mistakes.

Are you so sure?

I quote from KoS: "The Colymar book... is sometimes erratic." "The Colymar
book is sometimes attributed to Amstalli the Old...". KoS does not say when
he lived, but it does say "he collected these parts... He probably found
what came before that as an intact document. He added his wishes to it..."

Let us assume for a moment that you are right (and that Amstalli actually
wrote it). Well, then he obviously left out the Bayberry because he felt
they were not a proper clan of the Colymar. Perhaps he disliked Londra or

her relatives, or his clan had a blood feud with hers. Orlanthi tribesmen
are notoriously flighty and bear long grudges.

He *could* even have forgotten them, it is not impossible. He was Amstalli
the Old after all, and the old are sometimes forgetful.

All Hail the Forgetful Moon!

David Hall


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