Re: Uz rebirth, Runepower, Khelmal

From: Peter Linton Tracy (
Date: Tue 07 Jan 1997 - 05:06:20 EET

James Frusetta's Uz rebirth story is great, but perhaps it was an Uz
trickster who went with XU, just to prove he was better than Eurmal,
since XU is usually a nice quiet girl at heart (though not affraid to
chastise the naughty) who seems not to take direct aggressive action.

David Cheng's Runepower notes are also in line with the style of gaming I
prefer to see, Bravo.

I have a question for the Loremasters of the Digest, in that I recall
seeing a while ago a cult writeup of Khelmal, but after searching the web

and the bookcase and old digests I couldn't find it. Could someone send
me a hint as to where to find it, I swear I've got it somewhere, but

failed my Lankor Mhy research role.


Peter T


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