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Joerg Baumgartner:

>BTW, can anybody around here explain what "heir to the Colymar tribe of
>Sartar" means in "The Crown-Test of Leika Ballista"?

That the said person was publically chosen by the previous king
while he was still ruling (cf Harold Godwinson's appointment by
Edward the Confesser as King of England). Although the position
is elective, the king's statement carries a powerful force that
the Tribal Ring will it difficult to ignore.

[God Forgot]

>In my Glorantha the ancient Brithini caste rules followed by the God
>Forgotten predate the anti-Gbaji crusade of Arkat, and also the changes
<(sic) devised by Zzabur after the disruptions Hrestol left behind in
>Brithos. A small shipload of Brithini teachers arrived with the early
>Waertagi expeditions this far east, quite likely during the Silver Age
>of Kethaela.

The Green Men did not arrive on these shores until after the Dawn. I
remember the occasion well for the Only Old One was most displeased
that the Ludoch had revolted. He ordered every nation under his banner
to march to the shores to collect an armful of seashells. The Green
Men did not carry Brithini with them in their ships. I later learned
that they feared death too much to leave their Isle. Only madmen and
exiles ever leave the Isle. We were visited by a Prophet from the West,
'tis true, but he did not arrive with the Green Men nor was he called
Malkion. He taught us instead the reason why the Creator had
disappeared and showed us the way to bring Him back.

We practice the caste rules of the Brithini, it is true, but we are
not Brithini. I have seen Brithos from the shores of Old Trade and
it is the very nadir of the World that Bores that the Creator left
behind. Even the Gray Clouds that continually hung over it had not
changed all the time I was there.

Why would do we follow their ways?

When the Jrusteli came, they tried to convert us to their new faith.
We laughed at them and mocked their relevations saying that we knew
that the Creator was not Invisible but Gone. They then realized that
we sought to prolong our lifetimes so that we may create as much as
possible. So the Jrusteli dropped hints saying they knew of an Isle
in the furthest west where the obediance to the Laws were so strong
that the people did not age. They coupled this with subtle curses
that ruined our traditional ways of avoiding age. In fear, we asked
them to transport a group of scholars to these fabulous Isles so that
we may learn. They demanded a toll beyond measure. Not even the
Pharoah was owed that much. In desparation, we assented and sold
ourselves into slavery so that we might live and create another day.

When we reached Brithos (for I was one of the Scholars), we saw that
we had been cheated! Brithos was the very antithesis of everything
we stood for and the Jrusteli knew this! Nevertheless, we strove to
complete our tasks and sought to make the new ways to save our people.
Much of the Brithini caste rules and modifications were tried out.
Eventually after decades of trial and error, we had finally managed
to halt the aging process. The Jrusteli were amazed for they had
developed a new way which they planned to sell to us to keep us in
perpetual bondage. But because we did not purchase this from them,
we would have been freed from their debt in fifty years time.

It must be said that our way is not perfect. We do grow old and
die. But in our extended lifespans we have invented so much so
that when the Creator Returns, he will visit our graves and say
'These were Creative Men' and return us to Life and Solace.

>This gave another opportunity to the fertile Leftarm Islanders
>to spread their urban settlements further north and west, and numerous
>enclaves of God Forgot citizens grew in the Kethaelan cities, adding to
>their cosmopolitan flavour.

Now if we were truely Brithini then how could we be fertile? Not even
on Old Trade (when I was there) had there been children in 300 years!

>When Inolzi the
>Learned, IMO a citizen of Jrustela or Slontos, invented mechanical devices

They were invented by us! The Jrusteli made us parade our creations in
front of them and took the ones they desired most. Inolzi the thief
was notorious for the amount of ideas that he stole! We told him how to
make the universal acid but lied telling him it was the potion of youth
of our ancestors. The fool created it in the lab and the acid killed
him _and_ destroyed all the evidence so the Jrusteli never found out
who did it!

>Around 820 at least three Zistorite cities existed in
>Kethaela: Lylket, Jadnor, and Locsil,

Pits of Perdition!

>The majority of the Leftarmers will have been content
>to profit from the inventions, but the ordinary farmers are unlikely to
>have embraced the philosophy themselves.

Profit? We profited naught!

>The Leftarmers had been the foot troops and swordfodder of the Zistori

We did not fight for the Jrusteli! They had their own troops who were
garrisoned in the city. These troops supported Zistor and his fellow
Taluses in the battle. After the Clanking City was defeated, the
survivors were allowed to settle where they wanted provided they mended
their ways. Many did so and some of them still dwell in God Forgot

>Internal religious strife in Heortland between
>the old cult (in the tradition of Harmast) and the new one (in the tradition
>of Alakoring Dragonbreaker) gave the Brithini lords an opportunity to take
>back all of the island holdings, and also much of the mainland territory.
>For the next three centuries, southern Heortland saw several conquests and
>reconquests between Orlanthi warlords and Brithini Talars,

We do not conquer, we only Create. The northern barbarians destroyed
several of our machines claiming they were dangerous. The foolish
heathens refused to listen to reason and continued to destroy our
innocent creations. So the Talars sought my aid.

I, Leonardo, built for them a huge mechanical horse made of white
marble. This horse was allowed to travel wherever it wanted. And
to ensure that the barbarians understood, we put an army inside the
Horse. Thus when the barbarians tried to destroy the horse, they
had to fight the army first. The barbarians finally saw sense
after a few battles and withdrew from their lands although such was
not our intention. All we wanted them to do was to stop breaking
our creations.

The Horse is lost to us now. It was last seen climbing Stormwalk
Mountain. Many say it met the alchemical transformer and was
turned into a pot of glue. This is a bald lie. I know in my heart
that the Horse still exists. Since it disappeared, the barbarians
overcame their fear of us and resettled the lands that they vacated.
They no longer damaged our creations but sought to prevent them from
entering their lands by means of a ditch or a wall. If this failed
then they saught to turn our inventions back into our lands.

When the Pharoah, the barbarians offered him evil advice and
so he ordered us to restrict our creativity so that our machines
would no go beyond our borders. Since he has vanished, we have
not done this. Why should we? But we hear the barbarians are
menacing our inventions again...

- --Peter Metcalfe


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