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>Date: Tue, 07 Jan 1997 01:07:53 +1200
>Subject: Leonardo speaks
I rest my case. I also concede the point -- multitudinous, multiplex
machines are the nature of God Forgot. Someone needs to get this outburst
to Greg!

> From the Notes From Nochet files:

> If you are reading this, then I have finally succeeded. My name is
> unimportant, but my dire warning is. I speak of the return of the God
> Learners, for their foul seed lies within us all - and we must forget
> The language we call Tradetalk is their seed. Do not mock! Think! Is
> not convenient that there is one language which all can speak, that
> the problems of communication between nations across all of the
> continents, known and unknown? Is it not unnatural or unusual that
> while Tradetalk exists our own languages exist too? It is because it
> was, and will be, the language of the foul God Learners! It contains
> it their secret - a secret which must not be known lest they return
> the world be destroyed and Chaos reclaim all.
> I have warned the peddlers of this doom, the cults of Issaries and
> but they paid me no heed, and their leaders have tried to poison and
> me to stop my warnings from reaching you. Can those cults be God
> constructs too?
Sorry to repeat this, but there is no way to paraphrase it. I have loved
this since I first read it in Tales. I also believe it -- it makes a
convenient explanation for how the God Learners succeeded. For example,
what is the word for "Sun" in TT? I think it is "Yelm", which means both
Sun and Sun God. Both "Storm" and "Storm God" are indicated by the word
Orlanth. No wonder the Monomyth was spread so quickly and successfully!

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