Poetic License, Yelmalio

From: Stephen P Martin (ilium@juno.com)
Date: Tue 07 Jan 1997 - 09:17:17 EET

Nick Brooke <100270.337@compuserve.com>
>Steve Martin writes:
>> When discussing things on the Digest, we are normally discussing
>> what we believe is either The Truth or A Truth. Poetic license IS a
>> problem, I think...
>I think not. We are normally discussing Glorantha, which is a fertile
>creative wellspring for all sorts of ideas. Poetry included (though I
>wouldn't class my Songbook or the Ballad of Beat-Pot Aelwrin in this
Poetic License is not the same thing as poetry, Nick. I think Poetry is
one of the _best_ ways to explore Glorantha (though I am rarely very good
at it). Taking poetic license as part of an analytical or speculative
discussion can be confusing, and is what I think should be avoided, for
clarity's sake.

>On a side issue, the Praxian Sable Antelope has a russet, reddish coat,
>the darker coat of the RW beastie.
Then why is it still called a sable, oh Sage of Sages? :) :) :)

>Thought for the Day: is Yelmalio Lightfore?
I've been wrestling with that for two years now, as it is a very
complicated question. Ultimately, I think it depends on who you talk to.

Originally, I think most Orlanthi recognized Elmal as the Sun. Who
Lightfore was to those innocent First Agers, I know not. Probably a
spirit very like Lightfore, a god with no title, recognized for the light
he brings at night. Now, since he is the Light in the Darkness, some of
the clans probably recognized this planet as Elmal.

But, could Elmal be both the Sun _and_ Lightfore? Enter religious

After contact with the Dara Happans, this problem became settled for
some. Since the Big Sun was actually Yelm, sure, Lightfore was obviously
Elmal. I think that this belief was much more universal than either of
the beliefs before.

So, all is good for 1000 years. And then comes Yelmalio, that annoying
little bugger who messed up all of our mythologies (actually, it was
Elmal who did that, for us, but it was Yelmalio who did it in Glorantha).
And of course, they claimed that the Little Sun was in fact their god,
the Cold Sun.

So, now we have two sets of people, one primarily an organized cult, one
primarily a clan organization, claiming the same planet as their god. And
since they live in the same land, it merely reinforces their arguments
with each other.

I think that nowadays, some of the Elmali and/or Yelmalions, those
interested in peace between their two religions, are starting to preach
that the Sun is Elmal, and that the Little Sun is Yelmalio.

But I say on this matter -- Greg made this mess, let him sort it out!

Stephen Martin
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