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To all:

Sorry for the multiple messages, but it is easier for me to reply than to
come up with anything original. Actually, that's not true, but it is
easier for me to reply by editing the original than off the top of my

Philip Hibbs <101621.1264@CompuServe.COM>
Issaries RL
>This suggests to me that
>Issaries should have both ranks. After all, merchants frequently have to

>themselves from bandits.
Issaries does still have both ranks. Goldentongue is the subcult of the
Rune Lords (wanderers, adventurers), while Garzeen Middle Man is the
subcult of the "priests" (stay in one place, support the people).

Tim Ellis <tim@timellis.demon.co.uk>
Uz Trickster
>I suspect that it was a trickster that showed the Trolls the
>way to the surface when Yelm appeared in Hell, having already discovered
>the surface world due to (a) his innate curiosity and (b) the fact that
>Kygor Litor wouldn't let him live in the main Troll community. He may
>also have been responsible for Korasting having been left behind
I like this, except that Gore and Gash had already found (and used) the
Pathway many times. Does this mean you think they are tricksters? Or are
you talking about a different pathway, one that was not already used for
War (capitalization intentional)?

>I also suspect that he is responsible for teaching Zorak Zoran how to
>create zombies, having originally used the ability himself as a joke on
>Zorak Zoran, raising the bodies of foes the Deathlord had just slain.
>Teaching Zorak Zoran how to do it himself was a small price to pay for
>his life when he was caught!
According to one version of the myth, Zorak Zoran obtained Death through
the actions of the Great Imp, obviously a form of the trickster. Having
him obtain undeath is a bit of a stretch for me, though it makes a
clever, believable story.

Peter Metcalfe <P.Metcalfe@student.canterbury.ac.nz>
Yelmalio and other stuff
Steve>>Unless ALL Sun Dome Temples were built on the ruins of the older
>>temples, as King of Sartar tends to imply. Thus, there was no temple
ruin >>actually at the hills, so the revived cult did not have a major
temple there.
>Which merely raises the question of why such temples were not
>constructed at the HoG in the Second Age.
Because Antirius was killed there, and the Orb of the Eye lost. Since the
Orb had already been recovered by the Ten Princes, and Antirius was no
longer dead, and indeed was no longer regarded as the same deity. Dara
Happans don't seem the type to me to build temples at places where their
deities have died. Holy Cemetaries may certainly exist (see GRoY

description of Shargash crematorium, and mention of the Field of Biers),
but not a full-scale temple to the god. Havig a temple in such a place
would only serve to weaken the deity in their eyes, IMO.

>What is with the mercenary regiments? Yelmalio doesn't revolve
>around mercenaries contracts. He's the god of the people not
>mercenaries. A Sun Dome Temple can be Great without its Count
>having hired out any of his Templars as mercenaries.

I tend to agree with Joerg here. The Yelmalio cult is very much a martial
one. Its "civilization" trappings are more holdovers from its Elmal roots
than indicators of the cult's priorities, IMO. If a Yelmalio temple
doesn't have a Sun Dome Templar contingent, IMO it is doomed to
obscurity. A true Sun Dome Temple by definition ought to have a regiment
or three of Sun Dome Templars. Otherwise, it is just a Great Temple to
Yelmalio, at best.

Stephen Martin
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