Tradetalk Conspiracy

Date: Tue 07 Jan 1997 - 14:19:05 EET

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Tradetalk Conspiracy

Stephen Martin waxes effusively about the Tradetalk conspiracy (Notes from
Nochet XXIX. 21-X-file):

>I have loved this since I first read it in Tales. I also believe
>it -- it makes a convenient explanation for how the God Learners
>succeeded. For example, what is the word for "Sun" in TT? I think
>it is "Yelm", which means both Sun and Sun God. Both "Storm" and "Storm
>God" are indicated by the word Orlanth. No wonder the Monomyth was spread
>so quickly and successfully!

Full kudos then to Mr David Hall, originator of this particular Note!
I don't really want to ignite this debate again, but IMG a universal
'Tradetalk' doesn't exist. The closest thing to it (for the Lunar Empire
anyway) might be New Pelorian, a doubleplusgood language that also uses
the sorts of word associations Stephen mentions above.



>From the Notes From Nochet files:
(XXIX. 23-9G)
Listen to and heed Keener Than's advice - 'Beware of lords who themselves
joke: this is generally followed by some atrocity.'


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