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Date: Tue 07 Jan 1997 - 13:29:52 EET

Hi all, Alain Saraja here.

The 21 nov 1996, mr happy asked a very cute question :

>Is the 1st Age Ralian god Humath cognate with the Dragon Pass Umath?
>Both are violent <war-like deities and they have remarkably similar
>names. IMO they are.
It led me to this one :

What happened to Umath ?
According to KoS, Umath was the Old Gods's Champion. He defeated the
Pre-dark demons, and made the first Ring. He led the gods in the
struggle for freedom but wounded too many times, he turned over
the ring of leadership to his sons and...
And then what ?
Umath went outside of is camp to fight once more. There he got seriously
wounded, disappeared (captured) from the surface world and fall in the hands

(scalpels) of Ikadz. He is longly tortured by this evil god, (surely for
his rebellion against the Emperor...) who, by the way get his unending hate.
In the process, Umath is stipped of his Air Rune...

But Ikadz, by the suffering bring the redemption and Umath is changed
by the process, purified from is brutal deeds.

Then somewhere in the Torturer's dungeon came Eurmal (the Spider's prime
agent). He tricked Ikadz and freed Umath...Together they went deeper in the
Underworld and discovered Death (and its guardian).

Then they went back on Glorantha, only to find that Orlanth had assumed
Umath's Role as King of the Air Gods. Having no more connection with the
Severed Air Rune, nor room for himself in this changed world, Umath assumes

a new identitie and a new role. He'll be Orlanth's "brother" but will not
recognise him as his King and will take upon himself to discover what exactly
is the New Power that he founded...

It was perhaps the Spider's Will that a Champion of the Old Gods found Death.
But Umath didn't suited because he was too /selfish/brutal/politicaly
incorrect/mind oriented...

By the way, we all know about Orlanth's and Urox's mother. What about
Humakt's ?


Comments ?



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