Re: Runepower

From: Donald Wachenschwanz (
Date: Mon 06 Jan 1997 - 19:37:02 EET

We have used Runepower since the idea was printed in Tales, and have not
had a problem with too much power.

In response to David Cheng's summary, I wander if "learning a spell"
contradicts the idea behind divine magic. When a devotee of a religion
prays in a time of crisis, it's "god help me," not a ritual that s/he
learned. Divine spells take one strike rank (pardon the rulesy
reference). The deity responds as the deity is able (its spell list) or
as willing (as the GM decides). So the devotee did not actually have to
learn anything, s/he simply asks for help--i.e. burns a rune point.

Donald Wachenschwanz
Just trying to bolster divine magic and control sorcery.


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