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From: David Cheng (dcheng@amnh.org)
Date: Tue 07 Jan 1997 - 20:06:43 EET

Joerg on God Forgot: Excellent Stuff!
   Please note that we should not take the Brithini ancestry of the God
Forgot Malkioni too seriously. Stafford imparted this to me when he sat
and playtested _Masters of Luck and Death_ (coming soon to Glorantha Con IV
in 18 days!) back at Convulsion '92. Even if the rulers are originally
Brithini, their practices have degenerated - perhaps to the point explained
by Metcalfe.

Peter Metcalfe on God Forgot: Even More Excellent Stuff! This certainly
deserves more development; in _Tales_ perhaps?...

DC on RunePower - Corrections:
* Maybe it was Ross Stites that gave the primary inspiration for the
  'learn the spell ritual' amendment? I just don't remember.
* Etrigus got his Prevent Decay from Deezola, not Jalakeel (Jakaleel?).

Stephen Martin on RunePower:
"... sort of starts taking us in the direction of D&D..."
~Gasp~ I always thought RunePower takes us further away from D&D magicisms!
D&D: Pick your spells at the start of the adventure.
RQ2: Pick your spells when you sacrifice for them.
RP: Pick your miracles _as the situation requires_.

Stephen suggests different categories of spells, some RunePower-able, and
some not. I'm not sure I agree with his line of thinking. But, c'est la

Spontaneous Rune Magic:
A suggestion from Nick Brooke was too blasphemous to even make the Tales
article. Perhaps the GM sometimes determines when you use your rune magic,
for the sake of plot advancement.
   "You're walking through the valley. You hear whispers of men talking.
    You look around, but you see nobody. You search. As you climb up over
    a crest, you see two men over a bowshot away. One is obviously a Lunar
    military officer. The other looks like a burly Colymar clansman.
    You can now hear them more clearly, almost as if the wind was bringing
    their words to your ears. They are plotting the assassination of
    your uncle, the clan chieftan!"
    (Game note - please deduct one Rune Power point for the Wind Words
     Orlanth just passed to you)

Nick rightly notes that no right-thinking adventurer ever has the spare POW
to sacrifice for Wind Words. But, RunePower makes it easy to use this
excellent spell as necessary. And, Spontaneous RunePower makes it easier

See you in 2 1/2 weeks,


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