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From: Lemens, Chris (CNU!AUSTIN3!lemens@cnucorp.attmail.com)
Date: Tue 07 Jan 1997 - 13:37:00 EET

In answer to my questions about what happens if the White Moon fixes the
hole in the sky in an end of age campaign, Stephen Martin suggests:

If the Sun is to become stationary, I think it is likely that all three
moons (Red, Blue, and Yellow = Sun) must combine together to become the
White Moon, which is of course the Perfect Sun of Godtime.

I like this a lot. Here's a problem: according to monomyth, Yelm was slain
by Orlanth, which caused the lesser dankness, which caused the greater
darkness in which the Spike exploded, which ended up in the Dawn with the
yellow sun rising. At which point did the red and blue components get
separated from the rest? Following this separation (whenever it happened),
the red part seems to become separated from physical Glorantha because it
required the seven mother quest to retrieve the deity that was never born
and never died. We know the blue moon goddess' role in the seven mothers
quest, but why would Yelm not have likewise assisted? From an Orlanthi
view, one could say that the Compromise prevented it. From a lunar point of

view, perhaps Yelm simply had a different role to fulfill. How would a
solar explain it?

A side point: if the perfect sun of Godtime is recreated, would it not stop
in the center of the sky, as it allegedly was in Godtime?


Different topic:
There has been lots of discussion of the interrelations of Yelm, Yelmalio,
Elmal, and Lightfore (and their various varieties). Perhaps the unification
of the sun gods was another incomplete GL project. They had gotten the sun

gods into sufficient alignment that their worshipper make overlapping
claims, but not yet to the point that their worshippers accepted them as
identical entities. I would not the same linguistic similarities that
another thread noted sometime back about Umath (Ur-math), Humakt (Ur-makt),
Orlanth (Ur-lanth), and (most blatantly) Urox (Ur-ox). Likewise, we see

that the biggest god of each group has "aspects" that could be the remains
of formerly independent deities: Yelm the Elder, Orlanth Thunderous, etc. I
wonder about the extent that GLs may have tried to do the same with Earth,
Water, and Darkness deities. Earth seems to have had some manipulation.
 "Ernalda" seems awfully far spread for an earth mother figure. I see
nothing that I could chalk up to the GLs for water and earth. Their
influence on Malkionism has been explained on someone's web page. (I forget
whose, but it was excellent.) Perhaps they had similar projects to unify
the shamanistic deities geographically (e.g. that dude who challenges
shamans to be is all over the place) and with non-shamanistic pantheons
(e.g. trickster and raven). One question is what was their ultimate goal?


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